back to article Dell 'Streak 2' to get 5in HD display, dual-core CPU

Dell is to up the screen resolution of its 5in Streak phone-cum-tablet to 1280 x 800, it has been claimed. It'll get a dual-core, 1.2GHz processor too. So says an unnamed mole who claims to have been at a private presentation made by Dell. The source subsequently tipped off website StreakSmart. According to dell - according …


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The number of people who go to private meetings, make promises and sign all sorts of things to keep theirs mouths shut, then blab as soon as they get out.

Just for that 5 minutes of fame. Well, it would be if they were not anon.


Duh man...

If I believed 50% of what sales guys told me at these so-called technical meetings, we'd all be living like it's Star Trek.

Let me tell you a fact of life - Company Sales guys tell fibs...

Don't believe anything until you see a production model.

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