back to article Cisco to 'power through' tough fiscal 2011

Networking giant and server wannabe Cisco Systems gave Wall Street another shock when it said its orders fell short by more than $500m in the first quarter of fiscal 2011, holding revenues down to $10.75bn. When announcing its financial results on Wednesday for the quarter that ended on October 30, Cisco also warned that its …


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Cisco still rocks!

Nobody got fired for buying Cisco. There TAC for people with support contracts is very good and you get to talk to real engineers. IOS brilliant.. I dont want GUI's, webpage configurations none of that rubbish. If all you got is telnet or ssh thats all you need.


really? telnet?

1) Maybe.

2) If you can understand them. I think Cisco was one of the first companies that I dealt with that had a TAC in India. I only ever called them once. After that, I would wait until the Aussies were answering before making the call, down or not.

3) IOS: one bad command and you're walking 1/4 mile to the data center or driving into the plant at 3am. The next day, you're convincing your manager that buying modems or a terminal server would cost less than a 30-minute outage.

4) If you use telnet, I hope you listened to the people when they told you to disallow access to your firewalls' admin interface from the internet.

Also, if Proteon had been cut-throat, Cisco would have disappeared instead.

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