back to article IP Wireless enlists ST-Ericsson to design in mobile TV

ST-Ericsson will be creating chips incorporating technology from IP Wireless, in the hope that pushing the tech into the silicon will get broadcast TV into the empty wavelengths. The deal will see ST-Ericsson designing chip sets with an IP Wireless IMB stack built in, enabling manufacturers to add broadcast TV reception to …


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If you study the history

This is doomed.

DVB-t in a handset, free, There is no market for an non-Internet walled garden video service or Pay TV on handsets.

I've seen this running via add-on module on a Koran phone in IP Wireless. Nice trick but no market.

They are really looking for miracles to save the company as their Mobile Internet is inferior to Flash-OFDM and pointless compared to WIMax and LTE juggernauts.

A lot of great engineering expertise doesn't equal a viable company without a market. There isn't one for anything they do.


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