back to article Outlook preview pane-shatter bug fix stars in November Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's light sprinkling of just three bulletins as part of its November Patch Tuesday contains a patch to address a critical hole that is particularly ripe for exploitation. The single "critical" update in the batch (MS10-087) affects Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010, which both currently contain a handy mechanism to push …


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First time...

Patch Tuesday has left me with an unusable machine.

Win7 x64 enterprise, fine when I left work yesterday, today won't go past the welcome screen either for me, or the Admin account just a spinning wheel. Phase 4 of chkdsk hung for 45 minutes at 11%, which looks like it might be hardware rather than Microsoft.

Hey-ho - I can attach a pHD to the machine in recovery mode and robocopy everything off, then I'll restore the machine image, but it's a bit of a pain restoring my profile from the robocopied directory, and it was just working nicely.

Bother, said Pooh....

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Horrible things

I hate preview panels. I've always seen them as a disaster waiting to happen. With some mail clients it means there's no way to delete the mail without rendering its contents.

Mind you I also dislike HTML in emails. I prefer my clients to render them as text but unfortunately that means some emails can't be read.

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HTML in emails

Simple, just remove all the "<" from the email and send it back to the sender asking if they can send the email in English.

What gets me is the number of emails that contain a text version of the HTML including things like "Click here to see this email in your web browser", but that don't include the link in the email text so nothing happens!!

I also hate the fact that it means that my phone will try to roam to download all the images in the email, costing me a fortune if I don't stop it.


Not too bad...

...but still very annoying (fortunately my boss is very patient)

One 2.5hr chkdsk d: /r later, and I'm back up and running - the restart must have been done for a file or two.

Back on topic...

Preview pane in Outlook - I seem to remember that I switched that off a few years ago when there was another scare about auto-executable code as an attachment, and never switched it on again, I don't have that version of PowerPoint installed, nor do I use Forefront , so I didn't need any of the updates that caused the hassle. Marvellous.


Preview PAIN!

Hmm who in their RIGHT mind has the preview pane turned on? I turned my Windows Live Mail one off when I updated it.. I turn it off even in web based mail that has it where possible. I know it's a massive "You don't need click anything here as you've just been code injected" although most AV will catch it.. I really can't believe people still use it.

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