back to article Stormy Peters jumps GNOME ship for Mozilla

Stormy Peters is quitting her paid position as executive director at the GNOME Foundation in favour of a new job as Mozilla’s head of developer engagement. The FOSS advocate joined the GNOME Foundation in July 2008. She previously worked at OpenLogic as director of community and partner programmes, and before that headed up …


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Prepare to launch the ROFLcopter

Complete solution for the desktop, ah ha ha ha ha ha ha, my work here is done oh ho ho ho ho ho. OMG WTF people are using web stuff that isn't free. STOP THEM, woo hoo hoo hoo hoo.

Bless their cotton socks.


Complete? GNOME?


And the existing parts are usually so disjointed, they barely look like they're even trying to be part of "one whole system".

Don't get me started on the bugs...

That's all IMHO, of course, but KDE 3.5 was a far better integrated and polished experience.

A pity about KDE 4, though. A few minutes spent tweaking settings and picking a less grey-shaded/3D-ish theme (Christ on a pogo stick, that default theme is hideous) can make a huge improvement, but I could never manage to get it to feel or look as good as its predecessor.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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