back to article Virtualization for small business: Where's the pay-off?

Does Virtualization pay off for small business? Small and medium-sized businesses are virtualizing their servers, but at a much slower rate than larger enterprises. Some are put off by the high licensing costs, some can't spare the time to do it, some don't know how to. If you're in one of these categories, join us on …


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Small Business virtualization isn't looking for High Availability or any marketing fluff out of VMs. They're looking to pack the usual compliment of 5 to 7 servers into 1 or 2 boxes and put them in a room that doesn't need special cooling requirements. Cramming all the features of a PDC, BDC, File Server, Mail Server, Sharepoint (or otherwise) server, <insert misc server(s) here> into one or two Windows Server installs is a Bad Idea (tm). Hence the need for virtualization in a SMB environment. None of these systems will tax a Core2-based crap SMB server, let alone real server hardware. Purchasing a single (or perhaps two) more-than-capable servers and consolidating it all down will give the environment reduced power and cost, not to mention the bonus of modularity for individual server reboots (as needed), however at the moderate concern of single-point-of-failure (see "perhaps two servers"). Is there server sprawl? Perhaps. Just not physically.

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