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Netbooks, irrespective of manufacturer, are based on a very well-defined set of specifications. How, then, do those manufacturers seek to separate their offerings from the herd? If you're Samsung, you come up with a quirky, curvy case design. Samsung NF210 Samsung's NF210: matte display and latest Atom CPU on board I'm not …


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Good try....maybe the next one will hit the mark

To go the course of using a dual core and not properly complimenting it with a suitably capable GPU and enough RAM seems to me a bit of a waste. Perhaps in the next version they'll use an ATI or nVidia for the graphics and equip the unit with 2Gb RAM. One can at least hope. Otherwise it looks like a beautifully designed netbook.


One problem with the NF210 is that Samsung has crippled it.

Meh thats business. The next version will be better (in one respect, and worse in another natch)

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Oh no!

I'm torn on this one, I like the curves and its looks, but it seems much chunkier than the Aspire One I have which fits in my bag very snugly. Then again, it's more of a workhorse, but only 1Gig of RAM?

So near, yet so far.

I'm curious (and slightly off topic) though, are any of the netbook remix linux distros able to make use of dual core/ hyperthreading facilities yet?


Netbook makers, are you listening....

This is the spec that will sell.

A minimum of 1024x768 screen, 10.1". (Hopefully 1366x768). No bigger than 11" or might as well buy a full blown laptop.

A GPU that will allow hardware acceleration for 1080p playback, ION good enough.

HDMI and VGA outputs.

Dual core atom, or ARM for Linux fans. In the case of Linux it MUST play higher quality flash video without stuttering. (Flash on windows can use GPU acceleration, this is NOT coming to Linux, DIE FLASH DIE!)

3 USB ports is plenty, and if USB3.0 is so much more expensive than 2.0, then 2.0 is fine.

Bluetooth, again 3.0 is not needed unless it is not much more expensive than 2.x

SD card slot

Wireless N (G if it keeps cost down, but since my EEPC901 has N then it can not be much more)

Gigabit Ethernet. (100Mb OK if much cheaper)

How hard can it be?


Heartilly concur

Also should be no more than 1.1 kg and have a light and tiny charger.

Out of curiosity would people be in favour of giving up the track pad if it improves of size etc?

I use my arc mouse every time anyway, and frankly if losing the trackpad would shave £20-30 off the price and make the machine lighter or have other more useful functions I could cope with that.


Not sure

Personally, not sure that getting rid of the trackpad would help. I use my netbook mostly when travelling, and its a bit of a b*****d trying to use a mouse with the thing balanced on your knees in a departures lounge, or on the tray table on the back of a Virgin train's seat! Plus, you have to carry it around with you, and i suspect a lot of people for whom the 'pick up and go' appeal of a netbook is key would not go for this.


@ Stuart Archer

I agree completely. Part of my netbook usage is in bed (I like to watch cartoons before going to sleep) and a mouse on linen? No ta.


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Seen it before...

Newton eMate, anyone?


Something I'd like to see in these lappie/netbook reviews.

Don't take this the wrong way - this is constructive criticism. I can't speak for all but some of us must wonder how upgradeable the things you review are.

You mentioned the single ram slot. Good. Forewarned. What sized sodimm are we limited to? I'm guessing 2 gigs but I well may be wrong.

What about other internal options? How easy is it to open this thing up and change the HDD for example ? Some of us might like to know.

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Re: Something I'd like to see in these lappie/netbook reviews.

It isn't easy. The Ram is the only component accessible through a hatch.

Of course, if you're willing to take the entire base off, this won't matter. But then you'll also be able to upgrade it no matter how tricky Samsung makes it.


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