back to article HMRC spent £765m through Aspire last year

HM Revenue and Customs spent 44 per cent of its 2009-10 supplier budget through its IT outsourcing deal led by Capgemini. New figures released to Kable by the tax-collection agency through Freedom of Information show that its spending was dominated by two outsourced deals – Aspire for IT and Mapeley Steps. Mapeley Steps is a …


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Snuffle, snuffle! Snork, snork!

More pork, Garcon! More! More!

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So it is crap like this that prevents pensioners getting a decent pension.

You know the recent strikes in France? I was asked if I was going to take part. "No", I replied, "this stuff you are complaining about is pretty good". "Merde alors, c'est terrible!" And so I walked them over to the DWP website. "C'est pas mal, pour un semaine." I then told them that was the MONTHLY basic state pension, after a full working life of contributions. At which point there was much apologising to the management as half a cup of coffee was spat onto the keyboard, followed by numerous words that Google translate does not appear to know.

Where do you suppose they get the money that is pissed away so frivolously on IT contracts and, worse yet, the failed ones that cost amounts of money that are just beyond comprehension. Try your taxes. Think carefully about that when you are slaving away doing something that annoys you, think of how much you are making and how much the government gets out of it. Think of that when you are enjoying a nice meal, and the government will cream off nearly 20% of the price in taxation. Isn't it about time the sheep^Wpeople started asking questions about all of this? Because one day you'll be a pensioner too, and if the bog-standard government pension is about all you have to look forward too... well... that's not a pleasant thought at all. So while you're sitting there deciding whether to heat or eat, remember - if you are able - the sort of wastage on IT contracts (not to mention all the other wastes).

Yes, it's about time questions are asked.


Don't forget ...

> Think of that when you are enjoying a nice meal, and the government will cream off nearly 20% of the price in taxation.

Well yes you pay the VAT which is a tad shy of your 20% but probably what you meant. Don't forget though that the price you pay is really almost entirely made up of peoples wages and profits all of which are set higher than they need be so the taxman gets a rake off. Plus you had to earn significantly more than the money you handed over as well assuming you paid tax yourself.

By the time you've regressed every part of the costings I'd say the tax is nearer to 100% than 20%...


well, you see guv - s'like this ...

... we need to rubbish present contractors pretty badly really.

It makes us, that is the ConDems, look good and effective and managerially effective in government.

We can also make the old government look a bit tawdry and underperforming.

Then, after the dust has settled, we can swing most if not all of those contracts to uz mates dahn the club (Kensington actually?)

But, whatever we do, we will never ever imply the civil servant procurement was and always has been the root of the problem.

You see, when we need to bring them into line we just give 'em a little bash to let them know who's dah boss rite?

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