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With the Nüvifone M10 Garmin seemed intent on making a phone like a PND. Now with the 3790T it's going the other way, making a PND that looks and feels like a phone complete with a capacitive glass screen, super-skinny profile and hefty £300 price tag. Garmin Nuvi 3790T Garmin's Nûvi 3790T: takes voice commands, but doesn't …


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And also...

It won't integrate with Mapsource so you cannot plan routes on a PC and then upload them to the 3970 afterwards. To me that is the biggest issue I had with mine (it got sent back).



Slipping it in

"the 3790T can be slipped into a pocket with the greatest of ease". Because it is so slippery it can slip out of a breast pocket with the greatest of ease too. Also the navigation is still as ho-hum in some areas as previous models.



Portrait sounds good

I like the idea of portrait orientation - it seems like such a basic thing to want to do, but no sat nav I've ever used has it.

Having said that, why would anybody drop 300 notes on a standalone sat nav nowadays? You could buy nearly *two* Android 10.2" tablets for that with GPS built in, and thus you wouldn't be spending 300 on something that only ever gets use while you're in the car.

And how is 'û' pronounced?

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Garmin: Accuracy long way to go & Warranty - OK if you like a fight

Sorry, I've a number of different products and Garmin has poor accuracy.

A good GPS needs a good antenna - not something subverted for the primacy of appearance or form. Good GPS have external antennae, power and data connections.

As for Garmin's warranty, it's pathetic. If you travel to different regions of the world you will only get free warranty support from the regional office where you bought the unit.

Maps are so critical to GPS usability. As an earlier poster implied, Android using Google Maps, is a very hard combo to beat for accuracy, completeness - especially in less travelled countries.


@Garmin: Accuracy long way to go & Warranty - OK if you like a fight

I have a Garmin (somewhere - I switched to an HTC with Google maps) and it was very bad.

A warranty fix cost me $43 (the case let water in), it was slow to resolve locations and sucked batteries.

AVOID THEM if you want piece of mind!

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