back to article Exploit toolkit latches onto IE flaw

Support for an unpatched vulnerability in Internet Explorer has been added to a popular cybercrime toolkit. The development means that cybercrooks who use the Eleonore Exploit Kit can take advantage of the unpatched flaw to more easily plant banking Trojans and other crud onto the machines of IE users. Eleonore retails for a …


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Why oh why?

Anyone still using IE deserves everything they get.

Don't they learn?


RE: Why oh why?

... to say nothing of the rest of Windows!

Security-wise Microsoft's turd-like software has more holes in it than a fishing net!

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Dont blame

the people using IE

the people that need to learn are the idiots at microsoft who couple the browser so closely to the OS that a flaw in the browser can be used to corrupt the OS

Still my windows box is now down to the status of a gaming only rig, which means its a bloody expensive toy

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Wine is getting better and better

I run Wine and it runs quite a few of my (admittedly not quite bleeding edge) games.

HL2 based stuff works fine in Steam.

The entire CoD series works (haven't tried MW2 yet)

I had to revert to Windows for Crysis though.

I still have Windows on dual boot but only use it as a last resort.

I always try Wine first.

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