back to article Equality Act flaw 'undermines compromise agreements'

A flaw in the just-enacted Equality Act makes it impossible for an employer and an employee to settle all their differences through a compromise agreement, according to employment lawyers and the Law Society. A compromise agreement is a contract through which an employee or ex-employee can settle an employee's statutory claims …


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excuse the profanity, but I have had it up to the back teeth with the staggering and absolute incomptence of

How many of our "honourable" MPs are ****ing lawyers ? You'd think the *one* thing they could get right is to draft a fricking law.

And we pay for this shit ....


The last lot...

I notice that this act was a product of the Labour Govt. They really did provide a defining landmark in the field of incompetence. In 13-odd years in charge did they actually get anything right?

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"The GEO and its legal team do not agree..."

Like that's is gonna have any influence whatsoever?

And you do NOT pay for this shit.

You are FORCED to pay for this shit.

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Uh-huh baby?

To be fair to MPs they are not expected to be lawyers in order to make laws.

They, that is MPs, are expected to be given sound and robust advice by <cough, cough, wheeze> uk civil servants.

But an even bigger principle still is that it is acceptable to make a mistake - everyone can and usually everyone does.

And so, the matter becomes:

+ what needs to be done to put things right as in the intention of the law/act in the first place (does the wording of law/act conflict with the intention of same law/act?)

+ how to process the changes (if any) required? Another vote at the House?

+ how did the mistake or oversight arise (we operated on draft 22 of the law/act not realising it had been updated twice to draft 24?)

+ what can be done to ensure similar circumstances are not repeated?

And I'd add to those:

+ how much has the rework cost?

Reasoning: civil servants, quangos, advisors and consultants don't really mind getting paid twice or more for doing the same bit of work.

Reasoning again: MPs are a bit like the owner of a large luxury ship. They might say: take us to the Canaries! It then becomes the responsibilities of support staff to make "Take us to the Canaries" doable and practicable yes?



Laws are drafted by parliamentary draftsmen. None of whom, so far as I know, has ever been fired for incompetence. Funny, that.


Compromise Agreements

Please read our latest blog on the Equality Act 2010 and the use of compromise agreements.

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