back to article US adds 151,000 October jobs

Two somewhat good pieces of economic news might have helped the Obama Administration during election week had they come out before Black Red Tuesday rather than after it. The first was the $600bn quantitative easing (QE2) by Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernacke announced the day after the election and the second was today's …


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The change in the House is already working its magic!

(I'm joking but would you be surprised if some people get to start saying that pretty soon? that would be funny, but probably not "funny haha", as the son of a friend of mine says)


please don't quit your day job el reg

If this is how the reg does politics you better stick to the tech news.

For years "IT" jobs aren't the IT jobs of yesteryear. They aren't the silicon valley jobs that pay good wages and employ hardworking americans.

Instead todays IT jobs are entry level junk jobs that fit in where outsourcing doesn't work.

According to el reg the recession ended in 2009 and unemployment is currently at around 20%. The 10% figure does not figure in those that have stopped seeking work that aren't claiming unemployment benefits.

What would of helped democrats was not ramming a healthcare bill down the thoats of the taxpayers with the statement "we need to pass it so you can find out what's in it".

Well, we know what's in it, we knew what was in it.

Today the private sector has to defend itself from the government. The government of california is attacking mcdonalds happy meals for god sakes. How much tax revenue does mcdonalds bring into the state of california?

All this government does is attack the the private sector.

We have a president that has never done anything in his life except ride the affirmative action wagon and that wife of his isn't much different getting her salary doubled because her husband got the nod to run for president.



Describing yet another round of "pump priming" as good news is "interesting". On other related good news, unemployment remains high and massive deflation in property values gathers pace.

She were a good ship, the QE2. All the free beer a body could handle, and enough OAPs to make dye factory owner smile.


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Imported Indians - Insourcing from Outside

Where I work let a few non-Indians go because they weren't suited for where technology was going to go in 2011. They will in all likelihood by replaced by imported Indians. The group I am in was at my last count 65% from India. So much for multicultural diversity.


an update to this

Dear El Reg, you know this job claim was completely made up and not fact-checked by the media right?

The government simply tossed a number out there.

It's based on seasonal jobs (if any real jobs) that will be here and gone after the season.

What you guys workin for obama now or what.

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