back to article Extreme Networks boosts stackable GigE switches

There's another stackable switch vendor that wants you to consider its new top-of-rack products as you do your network buildout this year and next. Extreme Networks has rolled out its Summit X460, a midrange switch that can be stacked in racks, used as a edge switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) to drive VoIP phones and other …


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Anonymous Coward

Purple or Blue

Got to say the purple stuff has always been better (and cheaper) than the blue stuff. Unfortunately it seems to be impossible to convince my boss of this.

Silver badge

that's too bad

That's too bad AC! As a purple user for 10 years I've converted every company I've worked for to purple during that time. One of the bigger selling points for me working with smaller organizations is you don't need a dedicated network engineer to manage the stuff, any reasonably competent server person can do it with minimal training(as you probably know).

It is nice to see Extreme finally making some headlines on the reg, I've submitted news about them on more than one occasion and they never post it.

The X460 also supports layer 3 virtual switching which is a really nice feature to have in a stackable switch, a feature first introduced on the Blackdiamond 10808 back in 2003. A feature that Extreme has never really promoted at least not in the past several years.

And ClearFLOW, a security rules engine integrated into the switching fabric

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