back to article Public sector tech jobs still plummeting

Public sector job adverts fell by 36 per cent in the last quarter, but overall demand for IT staff is still high. The most recent drop in public sector postings follows a fall of 21 per cent in the previous quarter. Contracting work in the public sector is also down - 29 per cent down compared to last quarter. Skills in …


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But the contracts for the large IT suppliers that really drain the tax payer remain unchanged! What is the point of seeking deep changes in Public Sector when the outsourced elements remain unchanged? Asking for contract value reductions without real policing will result in nil benefit for the tax payer. Unfortunately we have amateur Ministers in charge of IT decisions.


Many tech jobs available!

Requirements for this post:

10 years as a project manager

10 years extensive networking experience

10 years extensive experience running PeopleSoft, Oracle and Microsoft Networks

10 years experience administering SCADA systems

Must have at least 5 years experience in:








Must speak the following languages fluently:






$40,000USD. Parking and benefits not included. This position is for a one year term. Closing date tomorrow.




It's in the game

We see this also across the pond.

Demanding ridiculous requirements for some slave-wage job.

Here they do this to use as "proof" to Uncle Spam that they searched for a qualified candidate and golly geez couldn't find one so now they have to hire a VISA maggot or send the job to an offshore out-slaver.



Title says it all......

(blowing me own trumpet at all the IT managers out there holding off from recruiting new British National / British based support staff)


Advertised jobs are not always real jobs

For example I saw one post being advertised which was really VERY specific and was obviously the same one job not only being advertised by about 3 or 4 agencies but also was advertised fairly continually for about 4 months. I know finding the right person is tricky but I suspect that job got filled well before the adverts finished. Also it got advertised as being at several different cities, all in the same region, so on the face of it maybe 20 different adverts appeared for that one job. What does that do for the "plenty of vacancies being advertised" stats? Another job I see being advertised by a number of agencies from a company I know does not use agencies to recruit... They were advertising that position maybe 2 months ago. Now thier name and branding is stripped from the ads and several agencies I never heard of have the role advertised...

Recruitment agencies always say the market is strong in the same way estate agents always tell you house prices are going up and up...

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