back to article Philips Streamium MCi900 DVD and Wi-Fi Hi-Fi

If you're after rather more up-market multifunction home entertainment rig, then the Streamium MCi900 from Philips is aimed at you. For £999 you get combination of upscaling DVD player with a 160GB HDD along with an 802.11n wireless media streamer, RDS FM radio, 2 x 50W RMS amplifier, a 3.5in LCD screen and a couple of the …


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My only concern is that for the price it doesn't support Blu-ray discs, lacks an iPod dock and won't play DivX video files (just discs), all features I'd like to see before I parted with a thousand notes. (and is not a 5.1/7.1 capable theatre system)

Any news on wifi streaming from a media server/NAS? or web capabilities iPlayer skyPlayer etc... and 160GB is just plain wrong.. (do they still make them that small? must be using stock backlog) 1TB drives are £60 these days thats 6% of cost, and I dont see the other 94%.

Otherwise the speakers are nice, but not £1000 nice.


Re : +2

I'd have to agree with the AC - although in more strident terms...

A stereo HiFi with a DVD player and a teeny, tiny hard-drive for £1,000 ? The sound coming out of it must be absolutely stunning to warrant a 70% appraisal surely... is it _really_ that impressive ?.. you didn't sound like it was...

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Funkiness and sound quality aside

the speakers look like drinking fountains

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"....bundled an iPod dock instead."

What? You mean pay the Apple dock tax, whack the price up and make it useless to everyone who hasn't gone the proprietary and locked in route all at once? Not to mention the idiocy inherent in providing fairly comprehensive codec support and then tying it to a device that, er, doesn't.

Why would they want to do that? Is there a medical name for this particular insanity?

I fully agree that the lack of BD gives it the unmistakable stench of FAIL though. Not quite so much as the fact that for a shade more cash you could get a BD player, streaming meejah wossname and a surround system that'll hand its arse to it on a plate sonically does though.

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All bark and no balls?

Looks like you're paying for looks and gimos over performance. If you buy serious audio equipment you don't get the main drive and tweeter pointing in different directions. Granted, if you're into hi-fi you only need 2 speakers but rolling in the widgets makes it look like it should be 5.1 at least, of for £1000 you should be looking at 7.1.

Suppose it's ok for rich folks that want to drop a thaasand-notes on something to swank off in front of their mates and have to replace in a couple of years because DVD had been replaced with blu-ray .... normal folk however will invest in audio equipment that will sound good and last for years to link up to a desktop which has easily upgradable parts. Then the lack of blu-ray wouldn't be an issue.

Another self-fellating toy for the ipad generation. All style, no substance.

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