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You read the headline and that's about it, really. Except that online doors open at tomorrow, 4 November- and we are sure Best Buy will salt the site with plenty of launch promos. Best Buy is America's biggest electronics retailer and arrived in the UK this year, opening six mega stores so far, including Derby …


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Extreme right wing sympathy

Had a quick look at their site, nothing too spectacular but there again, I'm not in the market at the mo. I thought it a bit odd that they are calling the shop assistants Blueshirts, this, I believe, was the name adopted by the Irish fascists in the 30's. Much the same as the Mosely's Blackshirts and Hitlers Brownshirts!

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Re: Extreme right wing sympathy

Irish Fascists wore green shirts, surely.


Both are right

At least according to Wikipedia

"The Greenshirts are different from the better known Blueshirts which was the name used by O'Duffy's followers before the split in Fine Gael, although only eighty of the Blueshirts later became Greenshirts"


Site was terrible

I had a look at buying a WII console -

-sent off site to hut something which gave 500 error the first time

-worked the second time but no stock, exactly one WII console on sale (at a £15 premium over

-item listing had such short descriptions it was necessary to always click to see what the item actually included

Not very professional.


Best Blag

Warning - giving your card details to Best Buy is like keeping your PIN in your wallet and leaving your wallet on the bar.

In one day, without physical possession of my card, someone ran up £9400 of fraudulent transactions at eight or so Best Buy locations in Florida. This would require at best extreme incompetence or at worst collusion by an employee. Boo hiss. Took me a year and an ombudsman to sort my Citi Bank (boo hiss) account and credit record.

Plague - avoid like the....... :-( You have been warned

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