back to article Seagate squirts out rectal cleaning spray

If you go down to the Amazon woods today you can be sure of a big surprise: Seagate seems to have taken an unexpected product direction. The product contains borax, helonius, kreosotum and platina  and gets rid of certain kinds of irritations in a homeopathetic manner, allegedly. There are companion products which can be …


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I See A Great Danger...

...if some poor sod mistakes the two Seagates and tries to remedy that annoying itch by anal application of a hard drive.

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SATAsfaction guaranteed.

The Other Steve
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I could squirt cold water up my ass

Or I could just continue with my wildly successful and long running strategy of taking regular* showers.

Tough choice.

*Sometimes as often as once a day.

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Anonymous Coward

I shower once a month.

Whether I need to or not.

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Ah, a homeopathic product?

I'll be turning my arse to that then.....

Loyal Commenter
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I very nearly spat my tea out!



"The product contains borax, helonius, kreosotum and platina..."

If this is "Homoeopathic" then it does not contain any of the above - just water. The listed items will have been involved in the early stages of production, but by the time you get to the finished product, none of them will remain.

The Other Steve

Borax ???

For treating homoeopathic ass fleas ?

Tigra 07
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I never knew swamp ass was real

Is that image a close-up or is the nozzle actually 7 inches long?

In which case a douche might just be a cheaper option and less invasive

Chris Hunt


If it's a homeopathic remedy, it doesn't contain "borax, helonius, kreosotum and platina" at all (beyond the odd random molecule). It's made up entirely of water and bullshit.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward


Chris Hunt: "If it's a homeopathic remedy, it doesn't contain "borax, helonius, kreosotum and platina" at all (beyond the odd random molecule). It's made up entirely of water and bullshit."

Homeopaths are claiming that this in fact proves something about homeopathy, since (counter-intutively) it turns out that the more you dilute such "medicines", the more bullshit they appear to contain.

Pavlov's obedient mutt
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this story stinks

'nuff said

Cunningly Linguistic

Since Seagate bought Maxtor...

...they can ram them up their collective arses too!

Patrick R

They sold door stops last year.

Now they'd sell you something to ease the brick through painlessly.

Anonymous Coward


How much does it costs?

(I know someone who needs it - honest mister)



I've just taken delivery of a brand spanking new homoeopathic 1TB hard-drive. I think I was ripped off though as the box just contains water - apparently thought the water "has the memory" of being a hard drive so it will still work!

Jon of Monkeys


Worryingly, observing the packaging, it looks like an additional person might be required to apply the product. Perhaps this is for accuracy and to avoid unnecessary spraying of regular skin.

You'd have to be incredibly close to have that kind of forgiving relationship.


Before or after?

Were you observing the packaging before or after this article was published, I wonder.

Anonymous Coward

Only Olive

Does anyone know if you can get it in strawberry and mint flavor..

My wife isnt fond of Olive.

Bucky 2

Sounds Expensive

Wow, olive flavored ass rinse? Sounds like a lot of expense.

For anal itching, I'll just stick with a shaving mirror, water pic, and toenail clippers.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Homeopathic my arse

These people don't know what they're talking about.

Prof. William Waterman Sherman
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All those "thumbs up" icons are making feel very uncomfortable.


Not forgetting that

what goes up, must come down.

Incidentally, is not "kreosotum" a fancy way of spelling creosote?

John H Woods
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That is all.

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