back to article Hitachi GST SSD image sighted

Hitachi GST has posted an image on its website of the solid state drive (SSD) it is developing with Intel. You make make out part numbers if you peer closely enough, but not much else. The company says it will make the drive available in the second half of 2010, giving it a month and half, setting Christmas aside, to do so. It …


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Blurry image.

I thought so too, then I put my glasses on and it became pin-sharp.

I thought the most interesting bit there is the pair of connectors down the side of the PCB. Looks like there's a plan here to add a second board, plugged into these and supported by the standoffs on the opposite edge, to increase capacity in the future.

Also looks to me as if their "angle view" pic is the same picture with the partially open lid photoshopped on at an angle afterwards. Cheesy.

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1990's PCB layout

i dont know why but these pics remind me of many 1990's PCB layout design's, they are not using the available space very wisely , just 'heres a form factor, fill it' rather than heres a form factor optimize for space and we can grow a new PCB to fill the unused space with MORE cheap chips later if theres demand.

and given chip's are cheap, how come we are always seeing price gouging on all things SSD today, not to mention if SAS and Fibre Channel interfaces are so good why cant you get them on generic cheap Motherboard's as standard today

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