back to article Creative turns to tablets for big-screen PMPs

Creative is to bring a pair of Android tablets to market next month. One is a seven-incher, the other a 10in machine with 480 x 800 and 600 x 1024 resolutions, respectively. Both are called the ZiiO and - fail? - both use clunky resistive touchscreen tech. They come bundled with a stylus. Creative ZiiO 7 The two run Android …


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Oh dear

Creative have never been a good brand at the best of times. Their sound cards were always hyped with their 24-bit output but they had 16-bit internal processing which made the 24-bit DAC pretty pointless.

So what's with the resistive screens? Sure, when multitouch first appeared you could get away with a resistive screen. But there's few people who haven't had a play on a capacitive screen now.

The only reason to stick with resistive is if you're releasing a tablet for drawing on.

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