back to article Microsoft squats the living room with XBox LIVE refresh

Microsoft today rolls out the latest edition of XBox Live today complete with new dashboard and a bunch of media partners. Microsoft's press release is all about the media content, but gamers may be more interested in the better voice chat quality, improved Gamertag creation and the ability to sign-out controllers in the sign- …


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Got the update ...

... and am singularly unimpressed with it.

The UI is as useless as is was before, except the Games Marketplace is now a complete mess and it's even HARDER to find what you want there before (they've cleverly hidden the XBLA games another menu deeper, they used to have their own category before)

The new color scheme hurts my eyes - and premium themes are as bad a deal as they were, with big flaps of UI covering them for the most past.


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Family pack could be useful but I've never been convinced by the movie streaming.

I know this makes me old-fashioned but why pay for a film for 24 hours when you can buy a DVD at around the same price that you can keep, play in the car (for the kids, of course), take on holiday, watch elsewhere in the house, etc. etc.

I like physical product (if the rice is right).

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Not happy about the increase...

Good job i bought a 3 month subscription a couple days ago, saved £3! =]



Sky Player, Facebook and (not sure about Twitter as I don't use it) have all been on the UK XBox Live dashboard for ages.

There's not that much content in this update for us in the UK. Audio codecs are OK, but nothing else particularly interests me - except possible the Kinect additions that are bound to be in there.

Not a big update for the UK, I'm afraid.

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