back to article IBM sniffs around Fortinet

IBM last week polished off its acquisition of privately held Ethernet switch maker Blade Network Technologies for a rumored $400m. And just after finishing that networking meal, Big Blue appears still hungry for networking products as it is apparently sniffing around network security appliance maker Fortinet to do a possible …


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I'm really starting to get annoyed with the negative tone towards IBM in your articles. If it was funny then exceptions might be made (a la Lewis Page, although to be fair he's pushing it now as well) but it's not funny - it's just snarky.

Feel free not to post this comment - I don't care any more.


But TPM is right...

Elpuss, TPM is right. The Business value of doing stock buyback is far far less than for example picking up Juniper network.

IBM top management have failed to see the general solution stack verticalization among some of it's competitors and some of it's business partners. It's simply bad strategic management. IBM dropped the ball with SUN and now they are in the hands of 'big wallet Larry' who can afford to sell servers at a loss to peddle his licenses. And they failed to see CISCO's entry into the server marked, also a company with coffers of money. Then there is the whole Virtualization wave where IBM had all the knowledge and technology but totally failed to see an emerging x86 virtualization marked. And now the marked leader in that space is VMware, with a marked value of around 20% of IBM right now.


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