back to article Crystal ball sees tepid IT growth to 2014

If you were expecting the IT market to suddenly start expanding again like it was 1999, you are in for a splash of cold water in the face to wake you from that dream. According to the prognosticators at Gartner, IT spending is on track to hit $2.4 trillion in 2010, up 2.4 per cent compared to last year. This may not sound like …


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Quote from my fiancee is relevant here:

"Try working in a business environment with the Twitter generation and then get back to me."

As someone who must suffer this myself...I have to say that I don't see the valuable opportunities presented by "social media" except as either a) a communications tool or b) a for of propaganda/brainwashing for the easily distracted.

As a communications tool, I am disinterested. I can see how it might appeal to some…but only in that this is the tool they were raised on. Just as previous tools have displaced those that came before, eventually social networking will do away with (or largely supplant) things like IM, e-mail and the like.

As a brainwashing tool…I’d like to have someone on my team that can speak this language and confuse the walking wallets of the world…but I sure as hell don’t want to work with anyone who falls for this crap.

When did we forget that computers are tools designed to make our lives easier? They are nothing more than a solution to a problem. When we start thinking that they can magically “produce economic growth” without being tied to tangible real-world events like manufacturing, providing services or heaven forbid actual jobs then we are screwed. We thought the same thing about “financial services” in the nineties and the aughties. Don’t buy into the smoke and voodoo one more time.


Ah but,

"Annual shipments for tablet devices will reach 81 million by 2015, as new players and handset manufacturers flood the market." - Juniper story last week.

Another yawny pontificate.

Plan A: make somethng really good that is unique - result sales explosion

Plan B: mee-too yourself a slot in existing maketplace - result sales trickle

Nothing wrong with plan B - if you are underpinning foundations or re-plastering cracked walls. To throw up a palace in a swamp you need plan A


Yeah right

Saying the internet is a waste of time because some bored IT workers spent time staring at screens rather than congregating around the watercooler/whatever ppl did when they were pretending to work before the internet is arse. So all the trillions generated by online commerce - bank transactions and all the hardware and software to support them is nullified by a few bored people staring at screens instead of x,y or z? (Whether you see it as worthwhile or not systems like CLS's that handle a million transactions a day at a value of 10+ trillion a day are not insignificant and would not exist without the internet)

Probably one of the daftest and biggest 'misses the point entirely'isms I've ever seen on the Reg, and I've seen a few :-)

Although I partly agree with the analysis on social computing, helping people and businesses communicate was what made the internet so important. Social computing provides a similar degree of revolution on the surface but it will be very gradual and not have anywhere near the overall impact IMO.

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