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David Cameron has appointed Lord Young his enterprise tsar, tasked with ensuring that small and medium-sized businesses get a fair share of government spending and are treated fairly by legislation. Young, who replaces Lord Sugar, has been asked to write a "brutally honest" report on how government and smaller firms interact …


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arse/elbow confusion

So, on one hand we get various ConDem politicos slagging off the Civil Service/NHS/ Education etc for wasting money by not taking advantage of the ability of the government to get massive bulk buying discounts, but on the other hand they want more small businesses to get government contracts. So do they really want all the paper clips used by the public sector to be bought in bulk from one supplier at the cheapest possible price (and then redistributed throughout the civil service procurement system at some massive cost) or do you let the local primary school secretary buy a few boxes at the corner shop when they're passing?

Personally, as a small business, I reckon getting government business is usually more hassle than it's worth....


Alan Sugar was Adviser?

Wasn't he the idiot who bet the company farm on the "e-m@iler", a combined phone-email device (that could only e-mail other e-m@ailers) because he thought that conventional e-mail was too hard and would never catch on?

I believe most of his board members resigned in disgust at the time.


ho hum

Ho Hum.

And in the meantime us small businesses just get on with trading and surviving the onslought from London.

Yes, and Sugar allowed Amstrad to get sucked into the Dixons shops mentality, which eventually destroyed the business he had worked hard to build.

Lord Young - who him ?

If he's reviewing H&S, the only thing he really needs to do is review the case of the lady who fell into an old mineshaft in Ayrshire a year or two ago. With special attention to the actions of Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, who stopped rescuers going to her aid, brought back up one guy who was trying to help her, made her lie there in agony for hours, until she eventually died.

And all because the fire chief decided there had to be risk assessments, and no "Rescuers" could be allowed to do their job - because they had not been awarded a higher pay grade to use the rescue equipment.

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