back to article Emulex encrypts data before it gets into the array

Emulex is offloading encryption to its HBAs and working with Compellent, EMC, HDS and Big Blue to integrate them with storage arrays and key managers. There is some data, Emulex and IBM say, that is so sensitive and precious it has to be encrypted and made secure before it passes out of the server, goes across the wire and …


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This would be attractive to government / Military

Boot from SAN with encrypted LUNs would be useful for a variety of in vehicle applications, I have heard of similar things being done with Decru, but using an encrypting HBA within the server or blade makes for a smaller footprint and lower power consumption.

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Sell it to the Pentagon, their security is none existent

If the US military had any concept of security it would stop curious UK types from rifling their data on UFO's, Area 51, etc.

Data holders should quit blaming people for breaking in to their cookie jars and do somehing to prevent it.

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