back to article Intel forms flash gang of five

Intel, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu and IBM are forming a working group to standardise PCIe-based solid state drives (SSD), and have a webcast coming out today to discuss it. By connecting to a server's PCIe bus, SSDs can pour out their contents faster to the server than by using Fibre Channel or SAS connectivity. The flash is used as a …


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Apple will develop it's own 'standard' and strange connectors

Great idea to eliminate all those damn 'specials' that plague us.

As Jobs will want to lock his flock into single-sourced SSD's to max out their contributions Apple will no doubt, once again, go it's own way and use yet more strange connectors to hammer home the point.

Jobs Halo

Odd thought...

Standards are great. We have so many to choose from... so why not another?

As for the Apple angle. Not sure what you are driving at JaitcH? I don't see much space to put a "standard" SSD into the new 11" air, and if there wasn't a "standard" to use then Apple are going to have to invent it themselves...

Anonymous Coward

Good idea

While they are at it, why don't get together with the OS makers and develop a file system that is optimized for SSDs. Wear leveling should be controlled by the operating system and not just by the SSD's firmware. That would help make data recovery more effective and reduce the need for defragmentation.


re:Good idea

There are already file systems for Linux which do this.


Re: one has to wonder why it is bothering to talk to Intel

Because Intel might integrate the support for the standard into their next chipset?

Where's the nun with a ruler icon?

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