back to article Everything Everywhere rushes into third quarter

Less than a month after posting its Q2 results Everything Everywhere has put out Q3 results, this time showing marginal growth in revenue and customer numbers. Everything Everywhere hasn't been around for long, and last month's figures were the first the joint company has published. These Q3 results put it back on schedule and …


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Data Costs for NOCS.....

"" will have to start chatrging proper rates for data, and non of us want to see that...."

Actually, I have to say, I would love to be charged proper rates for data, because it would be astonishingly good value.

The problem we have is that we are /used/ to the price of 'mobile, and accept now this is 'fair'. But, the reality is that the cost of running a NOC is pretty damn low, for the number of subs' on that network.

SMS, for example, carried over the C7 Signalling link is almost /almost/ free for the Network to deliver. C7 is a by-product of the paging between device and the RBS/MSC/BSC that goes on to allow people to move about. Location updates back to the HLR use C7. Think Teletext delivered through the white noise in the telly for a parallel.

The whine that the NOC's come out with is "£22bn for a 3g Licence" *. Well, that as may be, but, the cost of deployment and the running of a 20million plus network is not as high as the NOCs would have you believe. Really.


* That was their fault for being lured into the the Brown "you want it, you buy it" mentality coupled to The Scandics did the 'beauty contest' thing and are years ahead of the UK for 3g deployment and, more important, usage. And is much cheaper......


Accounting can be tricky

I have a couple of contracts on which I have an included data allowance that I use heavily and included minutes and texts that I don't go anywhere near using all of. I would be interested to see how the operators account for this. Do they say I am paying mostly for voice, because my contract contains lots of voice minutes (that I don't use) or do they take into account what I am actually using, and conclude that I am paying mostly for data. If the former, then they may well be overstating how much money they are receiving for voice and understating how much money they are receiving for data.

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Proper priceing

yes, SMS is virtually free. But Using Mobile as Replacement for Fixed Broadband is pricey. The Data costs more per Mbyte than voice, as ALL of it enters and leaves network.

Voice the incoming calls are paid elsewhere

Voice much traffic unlike Internet, may in the Network for a Major Mobile.

For same Revenue, the data traffic is 100x to 400x the voice traffic.

Proper pricing for Internet Mobile Data is probably about the €80 to €100 a Gigabyte. Look at the the typically €100 to €900 out of package / over Cap charges per Gigabyte...

Voice call is only about 12kbps. VOIP can be 100kbps. Data traffic 1Mbps...


That doesn't seem too bad...

"Even more worrying is that almost 74 per cent of that ARPU is still coming from voice calls, when most operators are pushing to get 30 per cent of their revenue from data services these days."

Well, if almost 74% of the revenue is from voice, then surely over 26% of the revenue is from data, which is almost the 30% that operators are apparanly pushing for. That seems OK to me

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