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Sales of mobile games will double over the next four years to fuel a global market worth $10bn in 2014. Apps are to blame. In 2010 alone, Apple's App Store, excluding iPad, is expected to generate $1.7bn in mobile games revenues - approximately 30 per cent of the market today. 'Traditional' mobile games mop up about sixty per …


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@Sales of mobile games will double over the next 48 months

Meanwhile Google has taken 20 months to reach the landmark of 100k Apps. No idea what Apple and other mobile companies are up to so far.

Sounds like more apps than customers, so sales per app is actually going down.

Plus "270 million units worldwide" ... so say 270000 Apps in 4 years time (and very likely to be way more than this) thats still just 1000 sales per app. Of course it won't be like that, it'll be 99% of sales for the top say 100 apps and very little for hundreds of thousands of apps. So the only people who will really profit are the app shops. Most developers are basically the shop/platform owners pawns, other than the few who will feel like lottery winners with the top selling apps.

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