back to article How average is your sex life?

Last week was a fairly average week – and Wednesday a fairly average day. Hardly surprising, since Wednesday was actually World Statistics Day. This was, however, no ordinary statistics day. Sponsored by the UN, it was the very first such day, dedicated, according to the official site, to encouraging "the international …


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Martin 49
Paris Hilton

What are the slang terms?

You know - like "Spanking the Monkey" & "Choking the Chicken"

How about: "Flippin' the kipper" ?

Robert Carnegie
Silver badge

Jo Brand

proposed "gusset typist".

Joe 3
IT Angle

I've found the IT angle!

How about "rolling the scroll wheel"?

Or, for Apple (no-longer-Mighty) Mouse users, it would be the scroll ball, of course!

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

My Favourite

Dialing Zero

Gold badge

"... no ordinary statistics day."

Oh come on! You should know better than to use woolly definitions like that.

Exactly how out of the ordinary was it? How many standard deviations from the mean World Statistics Day are we talking about here?

Anonymous Coward

As I'm getting zero and not the only one

this suggests that somebody else has far too much er... time on their hands

Anon, for obvious reasons

frank ly
Silver badge
Thumb Up


" branding it as a type of hyperactivity (basically saying that women have a disorder if they do it too much!)."

That could open the floodgates.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

rebranding as hyperactivity

I thought it had been branded and repackages as a spectator sport. At least there seem to be more websites dedicated to it than all other subjects put together.

Anonymous Coward


We need pictures; or it didn't happen.

Well, we need pictures anyway...

Anonymous Coward


Seriously flawed. I think the main flaw is that the survey is probably only filled out by those with enough interest in Durex to bother to fill out a survey. This self-selecting group is unlikely to include 40-year-old loner virgins, for example. I think a more plausible average frequency is say 50 times a year. That number was rigorously pulled out of the air. And that may well be too high. I make no comment on my own sex life, other than to say I'm happy with it. These surveys disturb me as they seem to encourage people to be dissatisfied with theirs.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Pulled out of the air??

Oh very good...if intentional. If not, I have a dirty mind.


am I the only one?

Am I the only one who did a double-take when I read

"...there is the Durex annual sex survey..."

Oh, it said "annual"!

Anonymous Coward

new screen please


Loyal Commenter
Silver badge


You honestly find the fact that women buy vibrators scary?

Anonymous Coward

118 times a year?

If only!

AC cause I ain't a happy bunny.


Doesn't say... many men fake their orgasms!

Anonymous Coward

Daily Mail...

... readers think most about sex. Sounds like your typical repressed puritan then! Keep twitching those curtains and moaning about how No 42 have done it twice today, at least once in their bedroom. Scandalous! No wonder our nations fabric is crumbling and hoodies infest street corners, etc etc etc.

Al Jones

World Statistics Day on Twenty Ten Twenty Ten (20/10/2010)

What are the odds?

Anonymous Coward

1.96 children?

How does that work then?

Children with missing limbs perhaps?

I think the number they are looking for is 2.

The proper average for discrete data is median or mode, NOT mean.

Gareth Douglas

World Stats Day

Well well, "World Statistics Day", eh? What are the odds?

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Frankly, I'm not satisfied

There's nothing IT about this. Condoms are old technology, and so is manual sex. The very least you could have done was to illustrate the article with high-resolution digital photographs.


There, fixed it for them......

If he lives in England, he is 175.3cm tall and weighs 83.6kg

If he lives in England, he is just over 5'9" tall and weighs 13st 2lb 5oz

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Faking It

My middle-aged missus is obsessed with trying to conceive, having lived a not-possible-to-conceive lifestyle for far too many years before we met. Hence often our lovemaking takes on a rather chore-like manner and the end-result is not an option. I have several times faked it and often been tempted to. Having many kids from a previous marriage, my interest in her project is not high. I suspect I am not the only male in this situation.

I do love her though!

Sarah Bee
(Written by Reg staff)

Re: Faking It

That's tragic.

I'd ask if you've had a frank conversation with your wife, but having one with the internet is just as good.

Anonymous Coward


So, how many times do freelance journos think of sex? Or are they too busy getting 'abreast'checkiI of the situation? ;) mine is the imported gadget jacket with the teledildonics in the hidden pocket

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