back to article O2 to offer Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung's Galaxy Tab is set to ship on 1 November, just over a week from now, but while various UK mobile phone network operators have said they will offer the 7in Android tablet, they are still keeping mum about how much they will charge for it. O2 today joined Vodafone and Three, but like those two networks it woundn't say …


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Pricing secrecy

What is going on with this product? I've never seen such a confused mess for such an obvious thing with just over a week and a half to release. Normal products you know the price at least a few weeks in advance with some idea months before. Carphone Warehouse's price of £529 is the first concrete price I've seen for the Galaxy Tab but naturally it has no subsidy and at that price is going to put a lot of people off, myself included.

Is there some agreement with Samsung that they can't release price details until the last minute? I can't think of any other reason why the price and deals are still absent.


Missing the chance

Price differentiation is the only way this or any other tablet will get mass market uptake over the iPad, so trying to compete on features, not price is a massive strategic cock up.

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