back to article Virtual products rake in more cash than ads

Social gaming and networking applications are now making more money selling virtual merchandise than displaying adverts, which is good news for closed shops that make such things simple. This may also have implications for developers, who may find themselves following the breadcrumbs to iOS platforms. The figures come from …


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What is the reasoning behind all the anti-Android stuff on the Reg lately? It seems every mobile article takes a dig at Android with what I can only describe as crap! For example:

"Users are already confused by the various places from which one can buy Android applications;"

Pure rubbish. All the phones I have seen come with Googles Market. All the people I know with Android phones wouldn't know how to add another repository or find one. They want apps they go with the default - MARKET!

Let's look at what this article is about. Basically it is about spying on users buying habits. That is it. Use Apples iPhone and forget privacy. Simples!


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They've finally realised that bombarding users with ads for products that enlarge their various appendages really doesn't sell after all.

Instead, they're offering menial entertainment, pointless services, or useless data at some cost, and THAT makes money because the user perceves SOMETHING rather than penis enlargment pills more uselful, and worth paying some money for it.

Holy crap Batman. Who could have possibly realised this was the way to do things??


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