back to article eBay's non-Skype profits climb 16%

eBay's third-quarter revenues climbed 10 per cent over the same quarter last year, if you exclude revenues from the failed VoIP experiment with Skype, while non-Skype, non-GAAP profits rose 16 per cent. With net earnings per share topping out at 40 cents, eBay beat the expectations of the Wall Street guessmen, and it gave much …


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Black Helicopters


Does anybody still use eBay? Or is it just me who thinks it's over priced and lacks quality. Far easier, safer, often cheaper and defininitely less time consuming to shop on Amazon or other more dedicated shopping sites.


Give me strength

I can't decide whether this is a windup or just stupid. Of course people use eBay, or they wouldn't have any revenue, let alone growth. It is still, unfortunately, the best place to buy and sell a lot of used equipment, including musical instruments, amplification and studio gear. It isn't always the cheapest place to buy new stuff, but it often is, just depends. The risks of trading on eBay have been overblown because people who ignore the "if it's too good to be true, it probably isn't" advice are very noisy about their misfortune.

On the downside, eBay's seller fees are high and they treat their customers, buyers and sellers, with contempt. Hence the "unfortunately". Their latest wheeze is to put "see similar" icons on pictures, thus using images that sellers have paid to display to send their potential customers to someone else. Brilliant.

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