back to article SMEs, tech vendors scrabble for morsels of comfort in CSR

George Osborne left small business lobbyists spluttering today over the lack of an explicit commitment to helping SMEs in the Comprehensive Spending Review. Meanwhile, tech vendors reacted with a flurry of pre-canned statements, mainly claiming that their products and services are just the thing to help hard-pressed public …


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All the company sales pitches...

(Disclaimer, before someone says something, I'm about to use the word vulture, only in this context to imply "bad", but please note, I'm not referring to The Vulture Central. Also I could have used the word Zombie for implying carrion-eating, but it doesn't have the same ring to it ;).

Anyway back to my point. I found it very interesting reading the concentrated mass of company sales pitches (as it really showed them up for how nauseatingly two faced and self interested they all were). They were like a bunch of publicity seeking vultures each trying to pick over the available money, each getting in their two faced lying biased sales pitches, as if they were giving some kind of advice, when the reality is each are blatantly biasing their comments to suit their own goals.

Paris Hilton

Coalition ace up the sleeve?

Hmm, this topic seems the best one for this post.

Tories + private sector

Labour + unions

Where one holds an ace up the sleeve the other is perpetually let down.

(My ans: Tories + private sector = ace up the sleeve.

Labour + unions = joker in the pack (usually malevolent) )

Where one in government knows, appreciates, depends and can count on informal support the other knows it will end up disappointed in association.

For why is this important you might ask? (And even if you didn't I hope you don't mind me asking it for you)

Purely because the next target is in winning the next general election.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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