back to article Ofcom will not probe YouView... for now

UK communications watchdog Ofcom has decided it doesn't need to investigate Project Canvas, despite cable broadcaster Virgin Media's claim that the putative online telly standard is anti-competitive. However, Canvas - which will go live next year as YouView - was tacitly warned that Ofcom will act if it blocks rival platforms …


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Am I the only one who thinks that Virgin are becoming increasingly like Sky as time goes on. Unfortunately in aping Sky's behaviour it doesn't look like they are able to ape Sky's success.

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Of course they were going to complain

This project with open standards (even if you do have to pay to join the club) means that they can't impose their own closed and proprietary stuff on customers. To Sky in particular, and Virgin as well, the thought of customers being able to choose their own equipment is a complete anathema.

Assuming it takes off, customers will increasingly expect to get their viewing from one box, and it will be harder and harder for Sky et al to justify having a separate box just for their stuff. Scary if your business model depends on proprietary lock-in.

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