back to article HP snaps up Meego boss

Ari Jaaksi, who until so recently was running Nokia's Meego project, has been recruited by HP to bring some of that Meego magic to its own webOS. Ari Jaaksi left Nokia early this month for what were described at the time as "personal reasons". We can only assume those personal reasons included not being shackled to a sinking …


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Of course...

It could be said that Ari Jaaksi is the reason Meego has been such a duff plum and that his "personal reasons" for leaving were actually "jump before you're pushed".

It's all a matter of perspective. :)

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Can webOS ever be as popular as Meego?


I saw a 1/4 page ad in the Daily Telegraph recently (which is still broadsheet, so it was a big ad) which said some hot blonde had become mayor of a coffee shop. This was O2's way of promoting the Palm Pixi Plus. A device I'd forgotten actually existed. No mention of how small and easy to use it might or might not be, just some nonsense about the nonsense known as Foursquare and oh, yeah, you can do foursquaring on your Palm Pixi supplied by O2. yay! I shall hie hence and obtain me one!

The ad was exactly the same tone as all the terrible ads extolling the lifestyle enhancing capabilities of 70s computers. yes, those ads had a straight face too.

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