back to article Opera Mobile for Android: it's no Fatfox

Update: Opera now says that the install size of Opera for Android will be about 20MB and that the download size is 6.5MB. This story has been updated accordingly. Opera Mobile won't show up on Android as fat as Firefox 4. Late last week, Mozilla released an obese Firefox 4 beta that required about 40MB of storage space – no …


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  1. SilverWave

    Firefox Mobile Its a Beta Dude!

    Its a good fist attempt tbh, the killer feature is sync.

    Yes there is still a lot to do.

    1. Text zoom/reflow.

    2. Startup time

    3. Size.

    I am not that bothered with the large install size as long as it works.

    Oh and Opera can kiss my arse... Have you read the EULA! ffs they want not only your soul but that of your first male born child as well.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      LOL. "Killer feature"

      That killer feature Firefox owners have just woken up to? Opera users have been enjoying for years. OperaLink has been available on Desktop, Mini and Mobile for over 2.5 years...

      I feel sorry for the Firefox sheep sometimes...

  2. illiad


    so where can we download (on the PC!!) opera mobile for android, or opera 11???

    1. TomasF

      Oy, reading is *hard*

      "As the company announced yesterday at a press event in Oslo, Norway, the browser will arrive in the Android app marketplace place within the month."

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Opera, the king of browsers.

    Best on the desktop, best on the phone. It's a shame it's also not on my PS3, rather than that barely usable Netfront turd.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Opera proxy kowtows to foreign network search restrictions

      I'm English, I have an English phone with multi charset options. I am working in China so I purchased a chinese sim card to save on exorbitant data costs.

      I am over 18 so I don't need "protecting young persons from inappropriate internet content"

      So, what happens is that Opera tells me is that I HAVE to now down load Opera from a chinese website, it will not allow me to access squat.

      Further investigation shows that this version has so many "taps" introduced by the chinese government that is absolutely useless for accessing the web by mobile.

      Obviously, the Opera proxies that crunch web pages are not available to the chinese censors !

      Bye the way, I have subsequently download all the back level versions of Opera and tried them all, so the BLOCK is definitely based on my IP address and applied by the Opera Proxy.

      Also, full Opera for Symbian clearly has this built into it's code as it doesn't need to use the data reduction proxies.

      Bah Humbug Opera ... .. you now rate -5 from 10.

      1. MacroRodent Silver badge
        Thumb Down

        So what else is new?

        The PRC governement has probably given a friendly notice to Opera that they either do it that way, or stay out of China. And it has become clear that most western companies never have the spine to ignore 1/3 of the potential global customer base just for the sake for some human rights issues.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    So does this 6MB Opera have access to a full library of extensions like the mobile versions of Firefox? If not, then I would respectfully suggest it's not an apples to apples comparison. Opera are good at making small, quick browsers for mobile devices, but based on my use of Opera Mini it's very feature poor compared to desktop offerings.

    What Mozilla are trying to do is give as much of the desktop experience on mobile as they can. Obviously it's still early days for Mozilla (40MB is bigger than the Windows install) but I think the end result could be a lot more exciting than just another cookie-cutter mobile browser with no advanced features.

  5. illiad

    try researching...

    SilverWave: you havent read the microsoft EULA then??? you better have a stiff drink first, to prepare for the shock...

    Anonymous Coward on Features: how little you know... comparing opera mini to opera mobile is like comparing a golf cart to a good sports car...

    And if you are still moaning about lack of features, I guess you will have to wait until mobile phones have a 3Ghz CPU, a 1ghz GPU, 20G RAM, 500G Hard disk...

    1. SilverWave

      illiad - try reading it again :-P

      I was commenting on Opera Vis-à-vis Firefox.. D'oH!

      Oh and yes I have read the MS EULA and it looks (slightly) better.

      Oh and I use Ubuntu :-)

  6. leexgx


    i use Opera all the time on my phone (HTC desire) apart from One bug that could do with fixing (you press next page it loads the same page back up takes 2-3 goes) it works very well for the size of the install and it has turbo as well so makes 2g like 3g when loading pages

    you can go back up to 3-5 pages (think its depends on the amount of ram in the phone) on googles own browser on the phone every page you go back or forward to has to be reloaded

    opera mini also has opera link as well (sync bookmarks and other stuff)

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    15 Years experience on Mobile??

    Not as a browser maker you don't.

    Fifteen years ago it was 1995, Opera was still a research project inside Telenor, saying you have 15 years experience on mobile is a bit of a reach.

    Anyway, aside from that, Opera mobile on my Nokia N810 is an excellent product, the interface gives the Nokia the feel of a smart phone. If only the Nokia had put a better touch screen on their device.

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