back to article Ingres and Xeround target MySQL waverers

MySQL competitors are lining up to try and tempt users out of Larry Ellison's tight embrace. Ingress Database 10, released this week, packs in changes the company said will make it "even easier" to migrate from SQL Server and Oracle's main database. Ingress is also floating Database 10 for users of Sybase - bought by …


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Is TheReg intentionally tip-toeing around PostgreSQL? Despite the fact that PostgreSQL had the biggest release in years less than a month ago, or that Sun Microsystem's founder, Scott McNealy, will be keynote speaker at the flagship PostgreSQL conference, PGWest, TheReg hasn't mentioned PostgreSQL a single time in an article since mid-July, and even then it was a passing comment.

Just seems very odd that most other database systems get a mention.


Oracle is the best of the best (maybe pest)...

Just ask Larry how wonderful Oracle truly is. He'll tell you.

Actually I prefer Object Oriented like db4o...

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