back to article Google rolls out phishing URL alerts for admins

Google has rolled out a service that alerts administrators when the sites on their networks contain links used in phishing attacks. The Phishing URL notifications are being added to the Safe Browsing Alerts for Network Administrators, which Google rolled out in September. It sends email to admins of autonomous systems when …


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Google should subscribe to this Google service

when people post spam as comments to applications in the Android market.

Half the comments are spam linking to sites selling Android software, automatically added by the same users, to the most popular apps.

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Allow scripts

I've written a good number of scripts which don't require XML - they just need a common format.

How does a space separated list sound (Linked%20URL From%20URL)

Grenade because "XML is like violence. If it doesn’t solve your problem, you’re not using enough of it."



What data is google using to 'automatically' contact sysadmins? Who is giving google access to automatically through automated means access to the ASN contact database(s).

When did google become the internet police?

Why is it when I hear google and phishing in the same paragraph google strikes me as one of the biggest phishers we currently have.

Those of you that own an ASN and have had spam sent to you from google or had your ip's blocked by the gmail will share my feelings on this since it's virtually impossible to contact google to have issues resolved unless your a mega ISP.

Google doesn't want to hear you. They only want you to hear them.

F You google.

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Consider reading the article

Google automatically contact sysadmins by emailing support, info, postmaster and webmaster @compromised.address.blah



pretty much be double standards by the biggest ad firm on the net if they did that. After all Google makes it's money by providing spam content on most any website page you visit.

Unless you can claim that every ad you see is wanted and an added benefit to your viewing.

But, yes it is annoying.

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useful alerts

The alerts that Google send are actually really useful! We have been receiving them for a while now and they have helped to identify a number of compromised hosts, and therefore prevent a lot of malware from spreading.

Good job Google!


Who cares

Who cares, unless you own an AS, the service is useless :

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