back to article Ixos Divo 2.1 iPod dock and speakers

While all-in-one computers can often knock out an intelligible noise, laptops and oft-mute desktops will always benefit from some sonic support. PC-friendly 2.1 sound gear has been around for some time now, with plenty to choose from. Yet what really makes the Ixos Divo stand out is its impressive appearance. Indeed, Ixos doesn’ …


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We don't have an ipod. My wife has about 10gigs of mp3 files, and I thought of buying her an mp3 clock radio for Christmas, something with an SD card or USB port to plug in a thumb drive.

On amazon, everything is geared up for ipods, especially ipod touch and the iphone. I did manage to find one clock radio, a Timex that took SD and USB sticks, but it was discontinued.

Surely it is cheap enough to incorporate an SD card slot and update the firmware to play mp3s on a cheap clock radio, or even a high-end audio dock.


They're called subs for a reason

"the capacity of the Divo’s sub to bring out the more muted resonances of an instrument. Likewise, when using the line input to listen to the The Clash’s Rock the Casbah from CD, the rubbery twang of the bassline was more evident, rather than it simply becoming a pronounced booming"

A subwoofer only deals with the very lowest bass frequencies (up to maybe 200Hz?), the ones the mid-range drivers in the main speaker arrays would struggle with without much larger cabinets. So the 'tone' of the bass you were hearing was likely much more to do with these than the sub itself. To be fair though a sub can help here by freeing the mids from having to reproduce the very lowest bass frequencies, which improves their response through the rest of their range.

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