back to article Apple regains top-three computer maker placing

Apple is once more among the top three personal computer makers in the US. Sales figures from market watcher IDC put the company's Q3 2010 share of the market at 10.6 per cent, up from the 8.9 per cent Apple took in the same period in 2009. Its share rose on a 24.1 per cent increase in unit shipments, from 1.61m to just under …


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Does not include iPad

The scary thing for PC makers is that these figures DO NOT include iPad or iPod touch sales. (iPad and iPod touch both use the same chipset.)

The iPad is Apple's stealth nuclear option and the PC makers don't even realize it yet. The fact that the Mac keeps having one record quarter after another should have PC makers worried. The astonishing fact that the iPad will start outselling the Mac in less than a year should have them terrified. Add in the iPad/iPod touch sales to the Mac sales and suddenly Apple has locked up over 20% of the PC market. That is a huge seismic shift.

The iPad is what the Mac should have been

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"The iPad is what the Mac should have been"

I was with you until you said that!

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