back to article Paris Hilton flashes her Brazilian...

Brazilians who just can't get enough of "fashionista" Paris Hilton had better proceed directly to Orkut, where the world-leading celebutard has released a "line of inspired virtual goods". In return for hard cash, players of Vida nas Passarelas (Life on the Catwalk) can kit themselves out in the empress's new clothes, thanks …


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  1. LinkOfHyrule

    That person on the Guardian

    That person on the Guardian blog comments section who said the Register only publishes stories about naughty bits has yet again been proven wrong! This story is totally un-rude yet sounds rude from the Headline! Take that Guardian idiot!

  2. bluesxman

    surely a typo

    <quote>the world-leading celebutard has released a "line of insipid virtual goods"</quote>

    There, I've corrected it for you.

  3. James Hughes 1


    I was hoping for a glimpse of Paris's celebrity runway carpet there. Never mind. I'll check elsewhere.

  4. wondermouse

    Bending over backwards

    In fact the hacks at El Reg will bend over backwards to ensure that there are no double entendres inserted in their stories or headlines.

    If they should, erm, come across one I am assured that they would whip it out at the earliest opportunity.

  5. James 5

    She's missed ...

    ... the boat. Latin American country of the moment is Chile - not Brazil!

  6. Stone Fox
    Paris Hilton

    the story title

    you are SUCH a tease! :(

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton flashes her Brazilian

    "Earlier this year she jetted into the country to enthusiastically promote Devassa Bem Loura beer, and later twittered gaily: "I Love Brazilians!""

    "This assertion is also beyond question, as another look at One Night in Paris proves."

    Journalistic accuracy requires a clip of said video. I'm sure the Guardian would do it.

  8. J 3
    Paris Hilton

    She's everywhere there!

    Just came back from my annual vacation in Brazil, and saw PH's image everywhere. Lots of advertising with the young lady. My girlfriend (first time in Brazil) was quite amused to see PH on TV ads all the time. They even had a promotion to send a couple of "fans" to LA or something like that, to meet Paris. It is funny.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How many *is* that?

    Did Bush ever find out how many a brazillion is?

  10. Chris Hunt


    ...that Ms Hilton has found an outlet for her virtual talent.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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