back to article PC shipments sag below Q3 targets

The global PC business is slowing down a bit faster than the prognosticators at IDC expected, thanks to sheepish consumers who are too spooked to let go of their cash. In the quarter that ended in September, IDC reckons that global PC shipments rose by 11 per cent to 89.7 million units. That was nearly three points lower …


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Oh noes!

We *only* had 11 percent growth! Let's all panic and jump out of buildings! Or something!

Why is it that any thing less than obscene amounts of growth and/or profits is seen as the beginning of the end by Western business?

Who else is appalled at the spectacle of big businesses who are still making huge amounts of profits but still seem to need to layoff thousands of people in order to placate the big end of town who are not happy unless every years result is *significantly* better than last years?

I for one am heartily sick of it all. It is totally unsustainable and will all end in tears.

Viva la revolution!!!

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