back to article Broadcom to acquire dual-mode 4G chip designer

Communications-chip heavyweight Broadcom announced Wednesday that it will acquire Beceem Communications, a fabless designer of dual-mode 4G wireless chips that support both the rising LTE and fading WiMAX standards. "The acquisition of Beceem accelerates Broadcom's time-to-market in 4G," Broadcom's announcement of the deal …


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Good news for world road warriors

With both Wimax and LTE deployed across the world, it is good that Broadcom is offering a universal solution to the many road warriors who travel around the world.

Thanks Broadcom.

Anonymous Coward

better news for the beceem employees,

those of whom will not be laid off that is.

i know something about how beceem used to work in bangalore that i will not repeat here, except to say that working conditions in Broadcom should be a whole lot better.

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