back to article TPB 4 face prosecutor's wrath

The prosecutor in The Pirate Bay case stands by the original verdict meted out to the defendants last year and claimed today that the four co-founders of the BitTorrent tracker site had “engaged in contempt of court”. TPB’s appeal trial ends late this week and ahead of that the prosecution spent much of this morning summing up …


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Its a design issue

Someone needs to explain to these legal types that this Interweb thing was designed from the ground up to be difficult to take down. You get rid of one node and a dozen others will pop up.

They really should be spending all this effort going after scammers....

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Scammers ?

But scammers don't cost anybody money - and by anybody I mean nobody important, just the plebs.

There's no money in going after scum that skims off the plebs, that's what the government does anyway. And these scammers don't even dent the governments' share since getting had by a scammer is not tax-deductible.

So no, nobody is going to spend good money going after scammers. Not for the money.

One day, we might get ISPs waking up to the fact that their customers are getting fed up by the email bombardment, and, for quality issues and service considerations, they just might think to filter a bit and block scam mails that they can detect.

But it'll have to become an important quality issue for an ISP, forcing them to use it as a commercial argument for better service to attract more customers before we, the plebs, see any change.



Some fat, cigar chomping media tycoon, sitting on a pot of billions, can pay a lot more in lawyers fees, than some backroom bloke with a room full of home-built servers, that push out ads to flog asprins as stay-hard pills!


what happens when they're in jail and the site stays up?

Will they then be charged from running a cartel from inside their cells?

Or will they twig how the Internet works?

Not confident in option 2.

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