back to article Microsoft to stake Office 2010 beta on Halloween

A spooked Microsoft is doing its level best to morph into a cloud-dwelling company, but it still has shrink-wrapped software to flog. That’s why the vendor put out a reminder yesterday that the beta version of Office 2010 will be killed (probably by a vampire) on 31 October. In other words, the test build of the software will …


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Haaaa Sure

"“If you have already selected the Office 2010 suite that's right for you, the fastest way to get the released version onto your computer is to download it. Not only is this option an eco-friendly way to help reduce packaging waste, it's also great for procrastinators who may not have planned ahead. ;-),” said Microsoft.

“If you'd prefer to receive the traditional DVD in a box, you can have it shipped to your door.”

Ummmm so with Win 07 - They charged say $100 US - for all the people in the USA, and charged everyone else in the world twice as much - like around $200.

And then Microsoft stopped all the people in the rest of the world from buying it in the USA, by blocking their IP address or if they used a proxy, by shipping destination.

Beta Schmeeta - Dirty Deals? I am not buying.


As Apple would say..

There's an app for that

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There's an app for that.™

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