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These days PND makers are having to offer more to keep the smartphone wolf from the door. Yet as dedicated devices they maintain appeal by delivering a superior range of navigation functions and a screen size that no phone can match. The Navigon's 70 series with a 5in screen is a case in point. Navigon 70 Plus Revolutionary …


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It may have one of the fastest processros, but doesn't it run Windows CE ?

How long did it take to get a GPS fix ?

Did full postcode search work well, or did you need to know local information (town name etc.) ?

At least they are trying to innovate - hand gestures does however sound a but rude.


Subs and map updates ?

"bundled with a TMC subscription"

Doesn't TMC come over FM, and is free for ever ?

Also I'd like to see how long are map updates available for after purchase ?


@ AC / Tom

GPS fix we amongst the quickest I have come across, so no problems on that front. The postcode search doesn't require town names, just type in the code and select a house number etc and you are done. The TMC service is free for life.

In regard to updates, this from the Navigon site...

FreshMaps at a special price

For a one-off payment, we will regularly provide updated maps for you to download for a period of 24 months. Activate FreshMaps 30 days after purchase, and pay only £15.99 instead of £79.00


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Linux or not

I find that question interesting, had a VDO running Windows.CE, nice hardware but sluggish, having to be rebooted once in a while. Now I use a Garmin based on Linux and the difference is huge (because of Linux or not, I do not know), not once a need to reboot so far.

TomTom is based on Linux but I have no experience regarding TomTom.

Navigon is probably based on Linux too. Seems to me that Linux is becoming a standard on embedded devices like now, on supercomputers


Linux & tomtom

The tom tom linux implimentation seems simple: you can see the file system in usb connection, and the whole experience is straightforward and unremarkably simple. It plays music from an mp3 directory and displays graphics from a picture directory. What's not to like?

Unfortunately the 'home' application needed to manage maps runs only on windoze, and there seems no excuse for that. When you are running it, however, it does everything you want. Although moving maps from the internal memory to the SD card requires an act of faith. You have an option to copy maps to the PC and to delete them. The obvious 3rd step, to copy them back to the device, is there but not visible until the situation arises. So the 'home' application ergonomics could be better, but it actually does everything it needs to.

But the overall package is excellent, and I think they remain the market leader, although I am not happy about their lastest pricing either for hardware or for the more advanced subscription services. I think they have started milking the cow.

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Gives you something pretty to look at in the traffic jams

I have a Navigon - I returned it for a refund.

Route calculation can be slow and the unit freezes while it does it.

The routes it calculates are odd - often taking you well out of the way for no obvious reason.

The 'Live Traffic' was absolutely useless - it constantly announced that there was traffic ahead but it could not find an alternative route.

Yes, the unit looks nice and the graphics are excellent - but if you want something that gets you from A to B quickly avoiding traffic then look elsewhere.

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