back to article QLogic's 3G CNA does three things at once

QLogic now has a third-generation network adapter that can run three network protocols at once, do virtual machine commas in a server, and deploy 1gigabit and 10 gigabit Ethernet ports from its single chip. This chip with the chops is its third generation CNA (Converged Network Adaptor), built to handle both storage and …


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Hello, what about the elephant in the corner?

I'm sure Qlogic would like to compare to Emulex, but what about what Brocade are cooking up? Brocade already has the mindshare and the switches in the SAN space where most of the storage discussions take place, so how does the new Qlogic CNA compare to Brocade's offerings (which, IIRC, has the same chip as their SAN switches too)?

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