back to article POD giveth: Is factory-built HPC the future?

Hewlett-Packard is looking to steal a step on everyone in the industry with their POD-Works factory approach to building new data centers or adding capacity to old ones. PODs are HP’s term for the now-ubiquitous shipping container-style mini data centers that started catching on (at least with vendors) a few years ago. HP is …


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Are Apple aware of this?


Research Fail?

Did the author actually bother to do any research? They are using 19" standard racks in these. For the HP Q&A ..

Q1. I have heard people refer to buying an “empty” POD. What, exactly, is an empty POD?

A1. The POD, by default, includes everything which is necessary to support IT gear. This would be the container itself, power and chilled-water connections & distribution, heat exchangers and blower fans, system management panels (EPO, EPMS, Smoke Detection, etc), and the racks.

For sure they won't put Dell kit in for you though.


Comment Fail?

I just reread the article and I don't see where I even mention the size of the racks - much less mistake the size of it. The only place I get close to that is where I touch on the 1100U figure for a POD. That was directly from slides given to me in an HP briefing. So what article were you commenting on?

I haven't heard of many people buying empty PODs yet - from any vendor, but I can see where it might be an interesting offering from one to the data center design firms.

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