back to article Samsung shows Wave II smartphone

Samsung's second-gen Wave smartphone - set to feature the next release of the South Korean giant's Bada OS - will arrive in Europe in November. The Wave II - aka the GT-S8530 - will come with Bada 1.2 and a 3.7in "enhanced TFT" touchscreen to view it on. Samsung Wave II Samsung also touted the Wave II's social network …


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Still don't see the point of Bada

It has loads of apps! Er, no it doesn't. Well, um, it's cheaper than other smartphone platforms! Um, no it's not. Well, then it must be easier to use/better/faster/shinier than the other smartphones? Uh, no it isn't.

The only reason I can think for its' existence is that Samsung potentially get to make money on app store revenues. That is, if anyone releases any apps for it.

Also, you mention this is Bada v1.2. Does Bada support updates, OTA or otherwise? And will the original Wave be upgraded? Although the question is academic really - the only two people with the original Wave smartphone I know took them back to the shop and exchanged them for Android handsets.

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