back to article Apple TV costs 40 quid to make

All the bits inside the second-gen Apple TV - and the cost of Asian labour to put them all together - cost a total of $64 (£40), market watcher iSuppli has claimed, leaving Apple $35 to spend on software development, marketing and a little left over for profit. Apple TV The priciest part is the $16.55 "applications processor …


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Ah, sell this at cost...

Apple will sell millions of these, far more than even the popular iPad in the next few years. It seems Steve is selling them exactly at the cost to make, distribute & support them.


I've been using mine for a few days and it's wonderfully fast, it opens up the internet to TV on a massive scale for the first time. HINT: all the great free stuff is under Podcasts, endless, free video content!


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