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EMC has integrated NetWorker backup with Data Domain Boost to speed up backups. This follows on from Data Domain's initial use of Boost to get better integrated with Symantec NetBackup or Backup Exec, by having backup data destined for the Data Domain box pre-processed by the Symantec media server. The company says the …


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Anonymous Coward

Woo Hoo

Checkpoint restart, hasn't NetBackup had that for about seven years? Also, what about inline tape cloning (write to two drives at a time). The larger tape media get, the more useful this becomes for a kind of 'RAID' across sites.

Before you do that, hows about making the NMC work on a small (1024x768) screen without overlapping the edges. Then make the NMC not make me want to put my eyes out. Then make it so that one Networker server doesn't block the operations of another Networker server in the same NMC. Make it faster, make it report what's actually going on rather than what was going on last time the database was updated...

Oh and here's a thing: Sort out a proper task list like Netbackup. I want a list of all the backups that were kicked off in the last couple of days with their results, I don't want to have to go into all the different savegroups to find out what has happened. (Or run a DPA report).

I could go on, but I feel my blood pressure is too high already...

Thumb Up

Hope so,

As a Networker and DD user I hope so, but I doubt it Networker is AWFUL!

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